Friday, June 26, 2009

Standings? Or something.

Poor Bethany is still in last place.

Personally, I think that if Karin's going to talk smack on Facebook then she should be posting this week's results to the blog group. But...since she's not taking the initiative...and I won last season...I thought I'd post standings.

What's awesome is that I don't know everyone's name, so I'm going to guess. It'll be fun.

1. Johanna: 40 points - I believe Johanna is employed by Fox, and is therefore disqualified
2. Karin: 37 points - for talking smack, you are disqualified
3. Veronica: 36 points - for having an offensive FAFA picture, you are disqualified
4. Dave: 35 points - for trying to use strategy, you are disqualified
5. Rebecca: 30 points - I'm in first place!
6. Rachel: 30 points - you only got 7 points this week so you're behind me in 2nd place
7. Lisa: 29 points
8. Sir Brad: 28 points
9. Adam: 27 points, and still not delivering
10. JayVee (JJ??): 26 points
11. larry77 (Larissa??): 18 points
12. Bethany: 13 points


The Gould Family said...

I love Karin's smack talk. Keep it coming Karin!

You got the names right. Thanks for posting the standings. It was too painful for me to think about this week.

V said...

Who posted this? Reb? Because if you did, how did you spell my name wrong biznitch?

dougnlarry said...

Wow. I still suck. Badly.

How the hell do you get points in this anyway?? :(

Crusty said...

You don't know what you're talking about "RD." I delivered like an Octomom OB last week. I believe I won the week (along with, like, four other people). Another couple of weeks like that, and I'll right back on top; I'll be the driver of this here short bus.