Thursday, June 18, 2009

Points Results...Jipped Again...JesinTexas!!

Look at Rachel! 10 points on the week! Quit stealing my insight and doing better than me.

Where's my 'table scrap' points for Max? Last week, Max got points, even though it was Kayla who earned them. I don't like the dude; he just got a lot of points last week for being paired with Kayla. This week I got nothing for Max. I got jipped again; this method of scoring really sucks. Conspiracy! ...just like the NBA!

Check out "JesinTexas"...that chick is not just winning our group; she's 6th overall, in the entire world!


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The Gould Family said...

Man, I don't even want to hear it. Please note that I'm not trying to lose...but I'm doing a great job at it!