Thursday, June 18, 2009


I got worked this week! I just found out I totally suck at this. Actually, I guess I still refuse to admit I's just that the judging and points scoring suck, and I suck at understanding their senseless methods.

About the scoring...

Randi & Evan were told they were built for Jive, but that they didn't do well. They were not told the style suits them. They were told the style should suit them, but it didn't.

Didn't the judges tell Ade that the dance allowed him to show off his strengths? How is that not 'style suits you?'

With Jonathan & Karla, Mary NEVER screams. She let out a little woop, but no scream. We all know what a Mary scream sounds like, and she didn't emit one for them.

Vitolio is an idiot, and he did not cry. Asuka was acting like she was wiping away a tear, but there were no tears. There was A LOT of sweat, but there were no tears.

I can't stand it. I'm about to give up.

I can't believe Max went home. How could the judges possibly favor Kupono over Max. Max isn't great, but Kupono is horrendous. What a DUMB-ASS! I f-ing hate him, and what I hate even more is that he tries to mention his over-played "to-do list" every chance he gets. Somehow, the show thought it was cute that he had a to-do list, and now he's taking it a little too far. The worst part is that he probably won't go home for a while because he'll be paired with Kayla now.

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