Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ready of Not, Here I Come...

Tonight is tough...(for some of you)

Oscar and her bitch Vitolio are going to SUCK tonight at jazz. The problem is that Vitolio is going to try to cry again, since he got so much mileage out of faking it last week, and that may score him some points. I'm not mean if I want him to suffer an open femur fracture while dancing this week, am I? I despise both of them way too much to pick either of them, even though I think they might get a lot of points.

Kupono is also going to suck at the Viennese Waltz, like he sucks at everything else, which may put Kayla (the best dancer in the world) in the bottom 3 again. He should have gone home last week, instead of Max. What the hell was that? Kupono needs to put 'Sucking at dancing, and acting like a BITCH' on his "list." At least then he'll feel like he accomplished something.

Ade will be perfect at the Rumba, but I don't think Melissa can handle it. All in all, they'll be good.

Evan and Randi are going to have a break-out night with a 'Mia Michaels' contemporary dance. That may get some tears and yells, and what not.

Brandon will probably be pretty good at hip-hop, and his ghetto partner will surprise most people with her 'down and dirtiness.' She won't surprise me though; I've always known she's a dirty whore.

I guess I'm going to have to ditch Kayla, because of Kupono, and I'm going to have to go with a three-meat platter...Evan, Brandon, and Ade.

Update...Psych...I tried, but I couldn't ditch Kayla. I'm going to have to drop Ade with the Rumba.


The Gould Family said...

You should also post this crap on Facebook. I'm not sure everyone sees it and this shit is funny.

Johanna said...

What I want to know is how you find out who will be dancing what.

Crusty said...

Johanna, why do you care how I find out who's going to be dancing what? I think your blindfolded 'pin the tail on the donkey' stategy is working just fine.

I can tell you're a slight bit worried that I'm coming after you, and I'm going to smoke your ass. Your last comment wreaks of panic.

...And rightfully have good reason to be worried. Your animal, 'fight or flight' instincts are correct. I know my shit, and I'm about to go 'lion on an unsuspecting wildebeest' on yo ass! Sure, I got a little scuffed up with Max going home last week, due to bad judging, and YOU got a little lucky with horrible, arbitrary point scoring, in weeks one and two; but that can't happen every week. The cream will rise to the top, and you're about to, not the cream part.