Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Week 2...a little more insight for you undeserving Snow Moders...

Thank La Virgen de Guadalupe that Tony & Paris are gone. It's not Tony's fault that they put him in the top 20, but it's his fault that he's all thumbs with his 3 left feet (I don't even know what that means). Paris had a dance skill or two, in fact, she was probably a better dancer than half the other girls, but she just couldn't control that chin. Her chin was a rather lazy krumper, and she didn't extend the lines of her chin long enough when she waltzed. Oh well...I guess it's back to the pole for Paris. What stage name do you give yourself at the gentlemen's club, when you already have a stripper's name? Gertrude? Delores?

Vitolio and OSCAR are next. Vitolio is typical third world blow-hard guy. He and Asuka almost seem like an intentional disaster. Their unfounded overconfidence synergistically forms a sweetly appauling combination. Look for their complete lack of chemistry to cause someone to fall to the floor.

You can also expect to see Jonathan & Carla back in the bottom three, as well as Jason & Caitlin. They are all 'clown shoes.'

Any one of the other couples stands a chance to do something outstanding, but look for Phillip to take a little criticism this week when he does something other than hip-hop. His lines are going to be too hip-hop-ish, even though he and Jeanine will still frolic in their chemistry (who wouldn't have chemistry with Jeanine, if you know what I'm saying?). Ashley & Kupono are also due for a flop. They're not strong enough to fool people for much longer. Melissa & Ade are good as a couple, but that's just because Ade's one of the best dancers in the whole entire galaxy, and he kind of makes up for Melissa's lack of versatility. She's going to end up crying if she does something like hip-hop.

I'm going with Kayla, of course, because she's the best; Ade, because he's the second best; and Max, because, even though I like him like I like a parasitic infection, he'll get a lot of 'table scrap' points from Kayla (like last week when SHE was placed on the hot tamale train, not Max). Look for me to take a commanding lead in the points total this week.


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The Gould Family said...

I told you going with V & A was the way to vote this week. Damn you for psyching me out. I hate you.