Friday, June 12, 2009

Weather is not news

I'm assuming none of the Austinites got to see the last half of SYTYCD elimination show last night live...because telling us about weather conditions that we can observe by looking out our window was more important than letting me watch people dance for their lives.

As soon as they cut to commercial, after announcing the bottom 3 couples, I was rudely interrupted by the local news to tell me that it was raining. They continued to say the 3 same points (there's rain, there's hail, there might be a tornado) for the rest of the show.



The Gould Family said...

That sucks yo. I loved seeing everyone post about it on FB though. It was cracking me up.

Johanna said...

I could not believe how they were handling the weather last night. Granted, Rex, Zoe, and I spent some time hanging out in a bathroom, but how many people have access to the tv in their tornado safety spot? Not me.

I love how they superimpose the crappiest color blocks over an amazing satellite images. It's so 1997.