Thursday, July 2, 2009


Team Choco Thunda is all up in yo grilla
I'm like Joel Przybilla, the Vanilla Gorilla
Check the leaderboard, it's like the Thrilla in Manilla,
Ask Billy Mays, I'm takin' yall out like heart disease, I'm the Silent Killa.

-Your New Leader, with mad dignity. Respect.


The Gould Family said...

Congratulations babe. I'm glad that in acheiving your dreams, we're able to bookend the standings.

- Your wife who earned ONE whole point this week!

Anonymous said...

Bethany - how do you still suck after we told you who to pick?

Turned out that Randi was a BAD gamble. That'll teach me.

Johanna said...

Dave - I hope it felt good to be king for a day.

Dave said...

If Kayla wasn't such a cry baby.. Arrgh!

Crusty said...

I needs to get me some team Choco Thunda paraphernalia. Where can I buy the T-shirt? I'm just proud Houston finally has a decent team that I can get behind.