Thursday, July 17, 2008

I know they didn't

Did they really perform to David Archuletta's version of "Imagine?" I mean seriously?OMFG.

Sidenote (and for some reason I fell like B might have brought this up a long time ago, yet took this long to click) -- I had a total Beebox moment last night when I finally realized that they were saying "So you think you can DANCE" in the opening credits...not "SHOO BEE DOO BEE DANCE."


The Gould Family said...

Are you kidding me? D'Arch rocks the hiz-ouse.

I am convinced that they recorded another version of the theme song. The original clearly went "shoo bee dubah doobwah."


The Gould Family said...

What's funny is that when the "D'Arch" song came on, both Dave and I thought of you.

Anonymous said...

"imagine" is fine. What I loved was the Napoleon Dynamite dance....that should have been a Napoleon Dynamite dance. Cuz it would have been better.